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Forged Iron

Whether you are shopping for forged iron chandeliers, furniture or balcony railing, you are presented with some basic choices. Metal can be supplied in natural color, rustic oxidized and painted black. Forged iron custom look usually is closely associated with the existing home decor. Mainly paint color, type of furniture and personal preferences. Iron chandeliers can be used for both furnishing your house interiors as well as functional accents. There are many lamp fixtures made of black iron. Most of them are hand made in Spanish colonial style for use in traditional residences, high ceiling hotel foyer and hacienda type houses. They are big and heavy so you will need to take their weight into account when thinking about hanging a custom forged iron chandelier in your home.

Wrought iron furniture usually is used for covered verandas and patios. We manufacture outdoor dining, bistro sets and park benches. There are many designs for sale including hacienda chandeliers and some of them can be customized. Our production facility in Mexico is perfectly capable of producing made to order forged iron furniture and chandeliers using buyer's drawings or photos of existing items.


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